Croatian foundation for science

1. "High throughput analytical platforms for Adriatic-brand food quality and authenticity", , project leader: Sandra Kraljević Pavelić  (finished)

2. "Defining the role of circadian gens behavioral sensitization to psychostimulants in Drosophila melanogaster ", project leader: Rozi Andretić Waldowski

3. "
Elucidating the Role of Optineurin in Neuroprotection", , project leader: Ivana Munitić

4. "Role of noncoding RNA in latency regulation of herpes simplex virus 1", project leader: Igor Jurak

5. "Establishment of the Laboratory for Analytical Biotechnology and proteomics at the University of Rijeka ", project leader: Đuro Josić  (finished)

6. "Modulators of catalytic mechanisms of gamma-secretase as new potential drugs for Alzheimer's disease"project leader: Željko Svedružić 

7. "The role of phosphoinositides in trombocite formation", project leader: Antonija Jurak Begonja

8. "Exploring the boundaries between neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration: identification of key molecules using proteomics and mammalian spinal cord functionality tests", project leader: Miranda Mladinić Pejatović

9. Investigation of the balance of colon microbiome, project leader: Antonio Starčević, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology. Associate Institution on the Project: Department of Biotechnology. University of Rijeka, (Dina Rešetar and Sandra Kraljević Pavelić), 2017

17. Diet-derived eicosanoids and phenotypes in sepsis (2021.)
Voditelj: doc. dr. sc. Christian Reynolds
17. Diet-derived eicosanoids and phenotypes in sepsis (2021.)

Voditelj: doc. dr. sc. Christian Reynolds

Projects of the University of Rijeka

Funding for scientific research at the University of Rijeka

Krešimir Pavelić: Integrative genomics and proteomics in metastatic tumor research
Jasminka Giacometti: Potential application of cocoa polyphenols to inhibition of liver fibrosis: continuation of research into application of polyphenols
Đuro Josić: Preparation of samples for metabolomic, proteomic and glycogenic analysis
Željko Svedružić: Development and commercialization of human DNA methyltransferase 1 inhibitors with the aim of reprogramming the functional organization of human cell genomes
Duško Čakara: Electrical properties of polyelectrolytes in solutions and on
biochips surfaces
Rozi Andretić Waldowski: Defining the role of circular genes in behavioral sensitization on psychostimulants at Drosophila melanogaster

Antonija Jurak Begonja: The role of phosphatidylinositide in the formation of platelets
Ivana Munitić: Investigation of the role of optineurin in neuroinflammation and cytoprotection
Igor Jurak: The role of miRNA in the infection of herpes simplex virus 1
Anđelka Radojčić Badovinac: The quality of human gamets
Anđelka Radojčić Badovinac: The quality of human gamets
Mirela Sedić: Screening and Biological Evaluation of Humic Acid Ceramidase and Sphingozine Kinase Inhibitors as New Class of Anti-Tumor Compounds
Sandra Kraljević Pavelić: Development and Research of Prodrugs with Antitumor Influence


1. Krešimir Pavelić is the principle investigator and the leader of the project: 335-098 2464-2393 „Molecular characteristics of miofibroblasts in Dupuytren's disease“ which is a part of the “Integrative genomic and proteomic in cancer research" project. (finished)

2. Sandra Kraljević Pavelić, leader of the project: 335-0000000-3532 "The role of IGF2 and downstream signalling pathways in human lung cancer“ 

3. Jasminka Giacometti, leader of the project: 0062-0000000-0221 "The potential application of polyphenols in the inhibition of liver fibrosis"  (finished)

4. Dragan Dekaris, leader of the project: 101-0982464-2277 "Molecular profiling of metastatic breast tumor", project is scientifically and financialy being realized at the Department of Biotehnology SURI based on the signed Agreement between HAZU i SURI. (finished)
International projects

1. Center for high throughput in biotechnology, European Union Infrastructural project: Research Infrastrucutre for Campus-based laboratories at University of Rijeka, 2013

2. BMBS COST Action BM1104 Mass Spectrometry Imaging: New Tools for Healthcare Research
    Project description

3. Project within FP7 with FGCZ-Zurich, Switzerland „Proteomic profiling of retinal proteins from rat model of age-related macular degeneration" (PRIME-XS-0000184) (project coleaders, Sandra Kraljević Pavelić i Mirela Sedić)

4. Project DIANET (Research fellowship co-funded by the European Social Fund to carry out research activities according to art. 22 of law 30 December 2010, n.  240) „An experimental study of stem cells in the spinal cord: could they help to repair damage" (Miranda Mladinić Pejatović, voditeljica projekta)

5. Project FP7- Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP)  „Methods for high-throughput glycoproteomic analysis“ (HTP GlycoMet) Leader: Prof. dr. sc. Đuro Josić

6. Project FP7-PEOPLE-2013-CIG „Roles of miRNAs in Herpes simplex virus 1 infection“ (HSVmiR-IJ). Leader: doc. dr. Igor Jurak

7. COST Food and Agriculture COST Action FA 1402 , Improving Alergy Risk Assessment Strategy for new Food Proteins (ImpARAS) (prof. dr. sc. Đuro Josić)

8. NEWFELPRO Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-COFUND: "The role of phosphatydilinositol3-monophosphate in thrombopoiesis"  Voditelj: doc. dr. sc. Antonija Jurak Begonja

9. International CRP-ICGEB: „Role of Activating Transcription Factor 3 and related molecues in the activation of spinal cord endogenous stem/progenitor cells“. Prof. dr. sc. Miranda Mladinić Pejatović

10. International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) Return Home Programme: "Molecular pathways that control cell death in rat and opossum spinal cord in vitro and the role of the transcription factor TCF-4 in cell survival and regeneration after spinal cord injury" (Miranda Mladinić, project leader)  (finished)

11. Collaborative project with FGCZ-Zurich „Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed retinal proteins in macular degeneration”, (Sandra Kraljević Pavelić, project leader)

12. Project within FP7 with FGCZ-Zurich, Switzerland - PRIME-XS-0000019 „Glycoproteomics of larynx squamous cell cancer“ (project coleaders, Jasna Peter-Katalinić and Sandra Kraljević Pavelić) (finished)

13. The European social fund project, a part of the Research scolarship for professional development of young researchers and postdocs. "Host miRNA role in herpes simplex virus replication" (project leader: Ivana Ratkaj)

14. Bilateral project "Proteomic and glycoproteomic approaches in the characterization of allergenic proteases in food and the identification of substrates for protease on epithelial cells: correlation between protease activity and allergenicity" (in the frame of the scientific & technological collaboration between Republic of Croatia and Serbia). Project leader: prof. Đuro Josić.

15. "Unveiling the path to bacterial cell death by using SR-FTIR spectromicroscopy”, Sincotrone, Elletra, Trieste, Italy. Project leader: doc. dr. Željka Maglica

16. Structural and Investment Funds - European Regional Development Fund, subprogramme "Increasing the development of new products and services resulting from research and development activities" Reference: KK. Research and development project in cooperation with Genos d.o.o. from Zagreb. Project title "New Generation of High Throughput Glyco-services". Responsible for the University of Rijeka prof. dr. Djuro Josić and prof. dr. sc. Sandra Kraljević Pavelić. Project value 1,722,500 Kn. (2017)

17. Nanoscience Foundries&Fine Analysis (NFFA). NFFA-Europe facilities. Sincotrone, Elletra, Trst, Italija. Project leader: dr Jelena Ban (2017.)

18. "Unveiling the path to bacterial cell death by using SR-FTIR spectromicroscopy”, Sincotrone, Elletra, Trst, Italija. Project leader:  dr. Željka Maglica (2017.) (New application for 2nd year)

19. H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017, “Targeting Platelet Adhesion Receptors in Thrombosis”,  Antonija Jurak Begonja – project associate (2018.-2021.)

Project "Bioprospecting Adriatic Sea" - Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020" KK. Superior research of scientific centers of excellence. Project leader at University of Rijeka Sandra Kraljević Pavelić (Activity 3). Total project value: 36.941.965,46 Kn.

21. Safe Anchoring and Seagrass Protection in the Adriatic Sea (SASPAS) u okviru EU poziva „Contribute to protect and restore biodiversity“ Odgovorna osoba: Sandra Kraljević Pavelić

International research and development projects

 Projects with an international industrial partner in the development of products:

· purified antioxidants bound to nano carriers for the treatment of patients
- medical agents for detoxication
in vivo effect of PMAO2 on the metal distribution in organs after contamination with AlO3. 
· medical agents for treatment of osteoporosis  (finished)
- e
ffect of PMA zeolite clinoptilolite on the human mineral metabolism and selected blood parameters
- effect of PMA zeolite on bone metabolism

Other projects
1. Project with the Town of Kastav and Association of Friends of Grapevine, Grapes and Belica Wine "Categorization of Belica wine with mass spectrometry", project leader: Sandra Kraljevic Pavelic, Project value: 100.000,00 kn. Start of the project 2017.